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Gifted Coaching

Gifted Coaching

  • Is your child highly intelligent? 
  • Do they think and worry about things other children never consider? 
  • Are they exceptionally sensitive?
  • Do they feel alone?
  • Do they have other common co-occurring conditions such as anxiety, perfectionism, ADHD or OCD?


Gifted youth have unique talents, and often, they also have unique challenges!  There is no doubt they have a unique brain wiring. Because of this, they sometimes feel alone, especially if they don’t have a tribe of like-minded peers to relate to. 


Gifted youth benefit from truly seeing “WHO” they are and embracing their uniqueness. By seeing all aspects of their character, they are able to find specific educational opportunities and activities outside of school that allow them to access more of “WHO” they are!  Often, these opportunities allow them to find like-minded friends who validate their thoughts, expression and interests.


If you are interested in hearing how we can work together to accentuate your child’s gifts while also developing strategies for their challenges, contact me for a FREE CONSULTATION.




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