"Jen Sorge has worked with our 12-year old daughter & my husband and I for the past 6 months. Her coaching has had more impact on our family than all of the other services we've received so far. It feels like we are becoming a 'normal' family."

Crystal B, Licensed Professional Counselor and mom of ADHD middle school girl, Portland, OR  (Parent, Adult ADHD and Youth ADHD coaching)

"Cydney Hubbard is nothing short of fabulous in my book!  After seeing my son struggle to get his work done and stay on task, I reached out to Cydney for help.  She got to work right away with my son and created a weekly program where she and my son were able to outline what projects and work were due and when.  With Cydney's help, my son actually made straight A's in his last quarter of school. Cydney's kind heart and open dialogue are so endearing - my son and I adore her and we are so thankful that she was there to help!"

Mom of ADHD middle school boy, Phoenix , AZ (Academic / ADHD coaching)

"My 13-year-old son's ADHD went undiagnosed for years, and he struggled with emotional regulation and low self-esteem.  At Jen's guidance and urging we had him formally tested.  The results revealed so many eye-opening insights and helped us gain a deeper understanding of his challenges and gifts.  But most importantly it normalized all the challenges my son felt so ashamed of before then and helped him see his phenomenal gifts that also come with ADHD.  Jen’s coaching helped my son gain the tools he needed in order to function within the typical school and general life setting.  His grades improved significantly, as did his self-confidence.  He is a completely different kid.  Jen guided us and attended his 504 meetings at his school which helped ensure accommodations went into place to help him feel supported and succeed.  We are so grateful to Jen."

Laura R., mom of ADHD middle school boy, Denver, CO

"I’m so appreciative of Cydney’s experience and guidance in helping me understand how our son’s ADHD brain works. She’s helped break down his behavior into smaller pieces, so I can better comprehend what he has control over and what he doesn’t.  This has helped me see where he needs additional support from me, our family and his school environment. As a result of working with Cydney, I am now a more empathetic and supportive advocate for him."

Tamara, mom of 2nd grade boy, Scottsdale, AZ (Parent coaching)

"The coaching I personally received from Cydney allowed me to pursue several goals with confidence, to believe in myself, and to control negative thoughts that often got in my way, preventing me from just "going for it."

Sarah, Moms Group Coordinator, Phoenix, AZ (Life coaching)

"Cydney is a master at combining her intelligence, knowledge and genuine life experience to guide others struggling to make ADHD an ASSET in their Lives! Cydney is very professional and caring and puts you at ease as she walks with you through your own ADHD journey. I am very thankful to be working with her and getting the help our family needs."

Mom with ADHD/anxiety & parent of 9 y.o. gifted/ADHD son, Cave Creek, AZ (Adult ADHD & Parent coaching)

"We gained such powerful insight about our daughter when we went through the N8 Brilliance Coaching process with Cydney Hubbard.  Certain of Anna’s behaviors that we thought we understood were completely off the mark.  Once we had a better understanding of her motivations and what drove her natural tendencies, we felt we could parent Anna better and interact with her more effectively.  We still refer to the summary Cydney provided that helps to truly understand who Anna is as an individual, and it guides our parenting efforts as well as helping to keep her focused on the things that help her feel positive and enthusiastic about herself.  We’re very grateful for having had this experience, and Cydney’s coaching was a huge part of why this was so successful for us all."

Jill, Executive and mom of gifted daughter, Phoenix, AZ (N8 Brilliance coaching) 

"Cydney is a gifted coach, with a talent born not only of her extensive training and experience but also her innate ability to relate to children and teens as well as their parents. My son coached with her several years ago and it wouldn't be overstating it to say it changed the way he thinks about himself in a profoundly positive way.  We continue to use the tools she taught us and have shared her name with many other families coping with the gifts and challenges of high intelligence and ADHD.  I honestly can't say enough great things about her."

Libby, Life Coach and mom of ADHD/gifted 8th-grade son, Seattle, WA (Gifted and ADHD coaching) 

"Cydney is a talented coach.  She helped me clarify my goals and achieve a higher level of personal and professional success.  I learned to interrupt my negative ruminating thoughts, which allowed me to be more positive and aware. Cydney also acted as a sounding board as I approached challenging situations.  This reflection allowed me to make more thoughtful choices and to improve my work and personal relationships. I now feel more accomplished, balanced, happy and energetic.  I highly recommend coaching with Cydney."

Ron, Senior VP of Sales, Boston, MA (Life and Executive Function coaching)

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